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Door sound control

Liune is a space solution created by a Finnish family-owned company with the highest level of technical sound management.Liune doors are basically all solid doors, making the sound feature the best on the market in the unclassified door category.Liune doors are made of wood fiber and hot extruded material.Liune's sound insulation is 30% better than a standard swinging door.Living comfort increases with better sound insulation.

The door industry favors multilayer structures with air gaps in the door leaf.The standard flat door has about 3 mm hard disks and is empty inside.The sound insulation of the doors depends on the structure and material used, but the sound insulation of the standard door of the door industry is slightly better than that of the curtain.

Sound insulation table for Liune Door models

All rooms sound like something.When designing the acoustics for each room, it is also important to consider the effect of the door on the space.Acoustics arises from structures, materials and equipment and construction methods.It is always a good idea to consult an expert to ensure the desired conditions.Liune door materials have been carefully selected and we can provide the best comfort for your home.

Helimäki Acoustics have studied the sound insulation of Liune doors in their laboratory.The test result of the swinging wood door is also measured and it's Rw 14 dB.

Liune sound insulation


Each space has acoustic properties and we can hear the sound with our hearing.Hearing was originally a warning device.The rustle of a branch has been meaningful to the primitive living in the nature, and instead the noise of the rapids or the evening rain is a soothing sound.Sound is a wave motion in the air, and in terms of hearing it is a sensation.Human hearing is a "gauge" by which sounds are judged.

The sound propagates at about 340 m / s if the frequency of the sound is 100Hz during one swing the sound propagates at 340/100 = 3.4 m. This is called the wavelength.When sound encounters a solid, solid structure that prevents sound transmission, the motion of air molecules slows down and almost stops in the structure.

The heavy structure isolates sound better than the lightweight, which is the law of mass insulation.Each wall has a specific frequency at which the bending wave propagation speed happens to be the same as the sound propagation velocity in the air.Read more about sound insulation here.

Liune creates the interior wall

The door measurements of Liune have been made in a sound engineering laboratory with a single-frame plasterboard wall.The gypsum board wall is a lightweight but still very soundproof wall structure, especially with a steel frame.A simple wall acts like a bow.It has a characteristic frequency, which is strongly fluctuated by tension measure, mounting method, thickness, density and elastic modulus.At medium frequencies, the structure is very similar to the value of the law of mass.Steel rings provide the best sound insulation in a simple normal partition frame.