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Technology to support the common good

At the heart of Liunen's corporate philosophy is the belief that genuine innovation in customer needs, both at home and at work, helps to drive technology development.

Innovations in Liune structures are protected in the EU, Norway and the USA.Liune partition wall and ceiling technology are patented worldwide and we have the privilege to manufacture products in Scandinavia.
New product and production technologies are related to logistics and information management.New value-added production technologies are identified and developed to maintain a continuous quality.

The partnerships are an important part of Liune quality.Our company respects the technologies and product innovations developed by our partners and our in-depth cooperation.


We have also set environmental and safety goals and objectives that we will follow as agreed.Products are often made from recycled materials, as steel is 100% recyclable.Products consume the least amount of energy and help customers conserve natural resources.We are already in the process of designing a product recycling process and all steel materials used in Lune can be recycled at the end of their life.

We particularly emphasize the benefits of the systems throughout the life cycle of the building.We encourage our customers to make life-cycle decisions.We minimize the environmental impact throughout our life cycle by developing product eco-efficiency and energy efficiency with our partners.

Steel has a role to play in society's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.Our goal is to be a manufacturer that promotes energy saving and production by developing production technologies, especially through safety.