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Why steel

Why steel?

The Liune door element is made of Warranty-resistant steel as it is in many ways the best material for this purpose.

  • Economical: The frame material steel is a lightweight and durable material.It is easily and reliably interconnected with other materials
  • Short construction time: The steel frame is in it's upright position quickly.Lightweight and dimensionally accurate components are easily and quickly assembled.A short construction time also saves other costs.
  • Durable: The long-term durability of steel structures is proven to be the best on the market.Steel is non-flammable, rot-resistant and suitable for all climatic conditions.The need for maintenance is very small, which reduces the cost of it's life cycle.
  • Lightweight: Steel is a lightweight material with only a third of the weight of the wood yarn.Components are easy to install.
  • Flexible: The flexibility of structures and facilities is good during the design and operation phase.Steel can also be easily modified on site if needed.
  • Versatile: Steel is suitable as a frame material for residential and commercial premises as well as public spaces.It offers many opportunities for builder type architects.
  • Ecological: Steel is an eco-friendly material.Four car scraps are enough to make the frame components of a small house.Prefabricated components do not generate waste in the manufacture of the element.If necessary, each component can be removed and reused.Unlike other materials, the steel frame can be recycled at the end of its life.The energy efficiency of the steel industry per tonne of steel produced has improved significantly in recent years.At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions have been significantly reduced.