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Aulis Lundell Oy is certified according to the ISO: 9001 2015 quality system.The system has been certified since 2004.

Our companys products are CE marked since 2007. The load-bearing steel profiles, which are covered by the Harmonized System are certified by a third party from 2014.

Aulis Lundell Oy has achieved the high Rating Alfa rating granted by Finnish Registaration (Suomen Asiakastieto) in 2007 and in 2018 Kauppalehti's Success Certificate.

Aulis Lundell Oy Sertificate

Strongest Finland Platinum

Kauppalehti Achievers 2019


The CE marking makes it easier to compare the properties of construction products.It gives a uniform indication of the characteristics required of a construction product and thus contributes to the free movement of construction products on the EU market.The CE marking makes it easier for the buyer to assess the suitability of the product for a particular construction site.The CE-marked product can also be placed on the market throughout Europe without the need for separate regulatory examination in each country.Building regulations continue to impose requirements on product characteristics at national level.It is the responsibility of the builder to ensure that the characteristics of the construction product are such that it can be used on the intended site.

The manufacturer is responsible for the CE marking of the product.The manufacturer of the product affixes the CE marking to the construction product or to the packaging itself after the declaration of performance has been drawn up.The CE marking is therefore not applied for by the authorities.By affixing the CE marking to the product, the manufacturer declares that the product is in conformity with all applicable regulations concerning health, safety and environmental protection.It is easy to identify CE marked products.The CE marking of the products is on the product or on the delivery bundle.

In the documentation, the CE marking is included in the delivery documentation, which provides instructions on where to download the Declaration of Performance (DoP).

CE marking


According to the Construction Products Regulation (305/2011 / EU), the CE marking is mandatory for all construction products placed on the market and subject to European harmonized product standards as of 1.7.2013.The CPR replaces the CPD.


We have set environmental, safety and quality goals and objectives that we will follow as agreed.We work on the principle of continuous improvement by evaluating the efficiency of our manufacturing processes, products and distribution.We work with our customers to develop value-added lightweight structural systems and solutions.We particularly emphasize the benefits of the systems throughout the life cycle of the building.We encourage our customers to make life-cycle decisions.We minimize the environmental impact during the life cycle by developing the products' eco-efficiency and energy efficiency.

Steel has a role to play in society's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.Our goal is to be a manufacturer that promotes energy saving and production by working safely and developing production technology while safeguarding safety.