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Right door for every room

There is a right Liune interior door for every room and space in the house.

Liune for studio and home office

Studio and home office
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Studio and home office gets private with Liune

Living room

Living room
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Living room gets space with Liune

Liune for bedroom

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Liune gives space and privacy in bedroom

Liune for childrens room

Childrens room
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A suitable and safe door for childrens room

Liune for kitchen

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Kitchen - Liune door suits there too

wardrobe Liune

walk-in wardrobe
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walk-in wardrobe - perfect with Liune

Liune for vestibule and hallway

Vestibule and hallway
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Vestibule and hallway gets more functional

Liune for sauna

A Liune for Sauna
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A Liune for Sauna - no more doors in the way

Liune for rooms with indoor moisture

Rooms with indoor moisture
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Rooms with indoor moisture has its own Liune

Liune as toilet door

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Toilet gets spacious and still private with Liune