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Storing and guarantee

Upon delivery, it must be inspected immediately for any damage from the transport.If the product is damaged, the driver must be informed immediately.If the product is defective, the reclamation formwill be filled,here.

Sliding door element

The sliding door frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel.The factory-made element can be stored outside protected, unless otherwise stated on delivery.The sliding door element is fitted with transport brackets for transportation.All transport brackets are removed by screwing only when the sliding door element is installed.The mounting brackets are located at the bottom of the doorway and between the vertical frames.

The painted door and frames

The door panel and frame lists are stored in a space that is suitable for future use.Store the door horizontally on a flat surface.If the door is stored horizontally for a long period of time, we recommend that you turn the door package periodically.There is no need to remove the packages before installing the door.Do not tape the surface of the door directly onto the paint.

Glass door

Storage of the glass in the transport rack until installation.The glass door is a toughened safety glass that withstands heavy loads and shocks parallel to the plane of the glass when installed in the element. When installing a glass door, make sure that the edge of the glass does not touch the hard floor or wall surface.Never handle the glass door with carelessness.The edges are the point of the grille.If the glass or edge of the glass is exposed to a sharp impact, it will break into small fragments.

If the glass edge is cracked, the glass must not be used, as the risk of glass breakage is obvious during and after installation.Under the rules of the Finnish Flat Glass Association, the manufacturer or processor of the glass is not responsible for glass breakages occurring during or after the glass is installed.

Door maintenance and upkeep

Door paint and glass surfaces repel dirt and can be wiped with detergent mixed with water.The paint on the frame can be wiped off with mild detergent water.Otherwise there is no need for maintenance on the Liune door solution.The standard Liune latch and wheels can be changed as needed.The door can be easily replaced by removing the frames.More instructionshere.


We grant a ten year warranty on the Liune Door element body.This requires that the product installation instructions are followed and the products are used at home.

The warranty is valid in Finland.

Liune grants a 2 year product warranty on the doors.Products must be stored and used under normal humidity conditions inside your room.

For wet doors, glass doors and automation parts, we provide a one year warranty.Damage to the glass is not covered unless it can be clearly demonstrated that it is due to a manufacturing defect.For special deliveries, the warranty is separately created and confirmed in the final stage of ordering.The guarantee will take effect on the date of delivery specified in the final stage of ordering.The guarantee is subject to compliance with the instructions for receipt, storage, handling, operation, maintenance and installation.

We will not be responsible for products that are damaged due to inadequate protection, improper storage, installation or handling.


We will charge you for any undue settlement costs if the product proves to be defective or has a defect not covered by the warranty.

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