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Sales and Delivery Terms for Liunes Online Store

The following terms apply to products delivered by Aulis Lundell Oy / Liune

1. Order Process

  • Orders are placed on this website (www.liunedoor.com). By placing an order, the customer simultaneously agrees that the Supplier may begin the delivery based on the provided order details.
  • A binding purchase agreement is considered concluded when the customer has provided their credit card information and paid for the order.
  • The customer receives a summary of the ordered products, an order confirmation, and an invoice.

2. Prices and Payment

  • Unit prices for the products are listed excluding VAT, and the value-added tax payable to the state is added to the total amount.
  • Any discounts are calculated for each separate discount code. Shipping, packaging, and other costs are not included in the discounts.
  • Payment can be made using the payment methods specified on the website.
  • The Supplier uses an SSL-secured internet connection, which means that the information provided during payment is encrypted.

3. Delivery

  • The product is considered delivered when the customer has received the shipment. After receiving the shipment, the customer is responsible for any loss or damage to the product.
  • The normal delivery time is 2-6 weeks from the date of the order confirmation. During holiday periods, delivery times are approximately 8 weeks.
  • The Supplier will immediately notify the customer via email of any delay in delivery. If the Supplier has notified about a delay in delivery via email, the delay cannot be cited as a breach of contract.
  • Shipments of standard products are delivered to a warehouse in Sweden and the shipping costs are charged to the customer. The price for special orders is calculated at the time of ordering and charged to the customer.
  • The delivery terms can be found here [link to terms].

4. Return Policy

  • Customers of the online store have a 14-day return and exchange right.
  • The customer pays the return costs of the product. Before returning, the customer must contact our customer service. For returns of non-defective products, the customer must agree separately with Aulis Lundell Oy. Business customers may receive up to 30% credit of the purchase value for agreed non-defective products.
  • The return and exchange right does not apply to products that have been custom-made according to the customer's specifications (such as product length, height, or material). Cancelling the order is not possible after the order confirmation, as the contract concerns goods manufactured according to specifications, which means that the item cannot be resold. A clause limiting the right to cancel the order is according to Chapter 6, Section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act (20.1.1978/38).
  • The returned product must be accompanied by the original invoice or a copy of the invoice.
  • The return address for products is Aulis Lundell Oy, Tarrankuja 2, 08500 Lohja, Finland.

5. Complaints

  • If it turns out that there are defects in the product or that it has been damaged during transport, we will deliver a new product at no cost. If the product has a manufacturing defect, fill in our complaint form. Describe what your complaint concerns and attach pictures. Do the same if the product has been damaged during transport. If a transport complaint has not been made within 7 working days, the received goods are considered accepted in good condition, and no compensation can be claimed.
  • The right to complain does not apply to normal wear and tear of the product, incorrect use or function, moisture, or other damage caused by usage contrary to the accompanying instructions.
  • Note! A defective product must not be installed.
  • Returning defective products in connection with repair or replacement is at the customer's expense.
  • The Supplier's liability does not cover indirect losses such as wage costs, transport, or installation costs.

6. Warranty

  • We offer a ten-year warranty on the Liune Door element frame. This assumes that the installation instructions for the products have been followed and that the products are used in an indoor environment.
  • The warranty is valid in Sweden.
  • Liune provides a 2-year product warranty for door leaves. The storage and use of the products should be under normal humidity conditions in residential rooms.
  • For doors for humid spaces, glass doors, and automatic parts, we offer a one-year warranty. The warranty does not cover glass breakage unless it can be clearly proven to be a manufacturing defect. The warranty for special order products is determined separately and confirmed in the order confirmation. The warranty takes effect according to the delivery date of the ordered goods specified in the order confirmation. For the warranty to be valid, the reception, storage, handling, usage, and maintenance, as well as installation instructions, must have been followed.
  • We are not responsible for products that have been damaged due to inadequate protection, incorrect storage, installation, or handling.
  • We charge for unnecessary investigation costs if the product is found to be faultless or if the arisen defect is not covered by the warranty.
  • All questions or disputes arising under these purchase terms are governed by Finnish law.
  • All disputes related to the use of the website are handled in Finnish courts.

Updated 4.7.2024