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Liune FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Liune?

Liune Door is a sliding door element installed in a partition wall, with the door leaf sliding inside the wall structure. A Liune sliding door is never in the way, if necessary, because in several models it is possible to lock it completely inside the door structure. The door can be opened by pushing it lightly forward.

What do the markings LD3, LD4, etc. mean; as well as the markings LI07, LI014, etc.?

Li07-Li020 are designer notes of a construction-technical nature regarding sliding doors; these are usually visible in the detailing of the architectural drawings. Li07 is the same as the hinged door marking M7, i.e. the numbers give a direction to the size. An unobstructed passageway has a more specific size in millimeters, such as the Li07 unobstructed passageway being 710 mm; the Li012 unobstructed passageway being 1210 mm; and this is visible in the product information.

LD3, LD4, and other markings beginning with LD refer to our door models. For example, LD3 is a smooth white door. You will find more information about the unobstructed passageway as well as the measurements of the door and the door element in the product information of each door model, as well as our PDF-format product brochure. For designers, we offerfree BIM objectsGDL, DWG, RFA.

There is a hole in the partition wall structure of my house / the partition wall measurements are 1750 mm x 2600 mm. Which Liune model would fit in this hole?

Among our size options, LIO8’s size is 1735 mm x 2130 mm. In the LIO8 size, the unobstructed passageway is 810 mm and the total width necessary is 1735 mm, so such a product would be suitable for your wall structure. Our range includes doors of various styles of this size, from painted MDF panels and wood veneers to door leaves partially or completely made from glass.

What is the correct door size according to the building regulations?

At a home, certain passageways have certain accessibility requirements. Liune’s size Li08 (810 mm) meets the requirements for an unobstructed passageway in apartments and detached houses. A hinged door of a larger size is usually needed – M9 (900 mm). Liune’s smallest door model size is LiO6.

How is Liune to be installed?

Liune is to be installed in two stages. During the first stage, the ready-made steel element is installed in the partition wall frame, once the other side of the wall frame has been panelled.
An installation opening for the element is left or created in the partition wall frame, as per the installation guide. The lower side of the element is installed on the completed floor surface level. The element is positioned straight, and then the wall structure is paneled and surface-treated. In the second stage, once the construction of a possible floor structure such as a parquet has been completed, the door itself and the frames are installed according to the installation guide. The installation guide and the video can be found in our information bank.Installation instructions can be found here.

Important: Before fastening, ensure that the element is straight with a builder's level.

I’ve built a partition wall from laminated veneer lumber, and I would like to have a sliding door that slides inside that wall. Is Liune suitable for a LVL wall structure?

Liune Door can be installed in 66 mm, 70 m, 95mm, and 120 mm partition wall structures. The partition wall can be made of wood, stone materials, steel frame, or other common partition wall materials.

What effect does it have on the sound insulation qualities if no insulation material is put around the sliding door element in the wall structure?

With Liune, it is possible to achieve 30 % better sound insulation characteristics compared to a regular hinged door. Liune is made of MDF sheets, which are milled to shape, and this will give a better end result than a door with a honeycomb-like empty structure. More about sound insulation here.

Are high Liune doors available?

The height of the standard model is 2100 mm, but with our model Design (LD16) it is possible to order from a range of sizes between 2300 – 2600 mm. In this case, the delivery time and price are determined by the amount of pieces in each delivery.

How to take care of a Liune Door?

Water and mild detergents are suitable for cleaning the door surfaces.

How is it possible to change the door and frames after the wall structure has already been completed?

Using a screwdriver, the frames are removed from the doorway with their cover strips, which will make the sliding door completely visible in the doorway. Then, a 10 mm wrench is used to remove the door from its bearings and the door is lifted out of the wall structure.

How is a Liune Door different from other sliding door manufacturers on the market?

Liune doors have a durable and simple structure that has been assembled already at the factory. The Liune element has been specially manufactured according to Nordic standards. It is suitable for lower wall structure strengths (starting from 66 mm frame strengths). The installation is effortless and fast, the sliding door slides completely into the wall structure, and with the special locking-opening mechanism, the door springs lightly by moving out from inside the wall structure. Liune doors are manufactured in Finland.

Will there be a threshold for the sliding door structure’s doorway?

Liune has been designed to meet accessibility requirements so that there is no threshold for the doorway. The doorway is completely unobstructed while it is inside the wall structure.

I would like to attach shelves and cupboards above the sliding door structure. Can the sliding door structure endure it?

The sliding door structure can endure it, but you need a 1 mm thick furnishing support (you can order it for us to deliver it together with the element) to make attaching the shelves and cupboards easier. In addition, we recommend attaching the furnishing support with an EKO 16 mm drilling screw. The maximum length of the drilling screw for the shelves and cupboards to be attached to the wall is 25 mm. Installation guides will be included with the delivery.

Is it possible to install a Liune door in a renovation object without demolishing a wall?

In case there is an existing hinged door that is in the way, and in case a sliding door is a more desirable option, the solution can be found without demolishing the wall structure. The existing door and frames are removed, and they are replaced by a 66 mm Liune element, which will be attached directly to the old existing wall surface, a few wall studs are added and the wall surface is paneled with plasterboard (the wall thickness increases only 66+13 = 79 mm), the frames are added and the door is lifted in its place. This means that the special frame width must be taken into consideration during delivery, otherwise, it will be a standard delivery.

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