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Liune door frames - Liune jamb covers

Door jambs

Liune jamb cover

The style of the premises can now be perfected to the last design with the door jambs of Liune.The door jambs are designed to give a perfect aesthetic look.There are several models for frames.A standard Liune base jambs made by our carpenter are included with our every delivery.For humid rooms, door assemblies come with humid room jambs, standard sauna jambs with sauna door assemblies, veneer surface s withjambs the same shades as veneer door assemblies and glass door jambs with the glass door assemblies.In addition to these, there are now two new frame novelties available.

Color of the jambs

The standard color of the base jambs is white NCS 0502-Y, the gloss is semi-matt. A wide range of colors is also available.


Water and mild detergents are suitable for cleaning the frames.

Ready to install

The jambs are custom-sized and finished according to the selected door size.For installation, the jambs are simply secured with the supplied screw and the jamb plugs are mounted on the mounting holes.

Taking care of your jambs

After installation the wooden jambs are recommended to be treated with a sauna protective agent which slows down the wetting and fouling of the jambs.The sauna protection agent may also be colored.If the wooden jambs becomes dirty, we recommend to lightly rub it.

Jambs in black or white color aretreated with a water color, a sauna guard or a wood guard.

Liune jamb cover options:

Liune jamb covers

Liune jamb covers -Standard jambs with Liune door delivery.All shades are available.

Architrave jamb covers

Architrave jamb covers -No separate strips are needed.All shades are available.

Glass door jamb covers

Glass door jamb covers -Specially made for Liune glass doors.All shades are available.

Veneered and tinted jamb covers

Veneered and tinted jamb covers -Available in three different tones: birch, pine and walnut.

Oak veneer jamb covers

Oak veneer jamb covers - Timelessand beautiful.

Sauna door jamb covers

Sauna door jamb covers - Solid wood, material is aspen.

Wet area jamb covers

Wet area jamb covers -Frames treated with moisture resistant paint.All shades are available.

Design jamb covers

Design jamb covers - Suitable for humid rooms. Covering jambs made of untreated aspen, pinewood or birch.