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Door maintenance

Door paint and glass surfaces repel dirt and can be wiped with detergent mixed with water.The paint on the frame can be wiped off with mild detergent water.Avoid rubbing too hard to avoid damaging the paint finish.

Remove dirt and stains from the glass doors of the sauna using a standard sanitary cleaner or dishwashing detergent using plenty of water.After rinsing, the door should be thoroughly dried with a spatula to avoid lime stains.Lime smudges occur when the tap water dries, leaving white stains on the glass.Potential lime groves can be removed, for example, with dilute acetic acid solution (diluted vinegar).A window cloth is used for rubbing.Rinse the glass with plenty of water and dry thoroughly with a spatula.

Liune Door maintenance Roller wheels

Otherwise, there is no need for maintenance on the Liune entry door system.The Liune latch, or door locking spring latch, is located at the rear of the door, at the height of the pull.As standard, all the sliding door assemblies can be replaced by removing the frames and / or the door.The door gears are located on a sliding rail, they are bearable and cannot be lubricated or maintained but can be replaced.

The door can be replaced as interior trends change.The door can be easily replaced by removing the frames.