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Double doors

Connect the two Liune doors and you will get a double door.Almost all models of our sliding doors are available as double doors.When it comes to sharing or combining a larger space, double doors are the best solution.The sliding doors of Liune slip inside the wall concealing itself, so the space combines elegantly into a larger space.All wall surfaces are also in use when the sliding door is inside the wall.Liune double element is made in Finland and welded for durability at the factory.This way, during the installation phase all you have to do is install the element and flatten the wall surfaces.It is also possible to pull electrical lines on the double-element, electrical sockets and light switches too.

Liune Double doors magnet print picture flowers

Double doors Liune D7

Double doors Liune D3

Liune double doors Time glass door opal D9

Double doors Liune green

Liune double doors Classic D4

Liune double doors Reflect D10

Liune double doors magnet print picture waterdrop

Liune double doors special high door with light openings