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Glass doors

Lasiovet Liune väliovet

Glass has a great influence on contemporary architecture.The creative use of large windows, patio doors and other elements makes buildings light, airy and inviting.

Choose the area of ​​the glass doors you are interested in and unleash your imagination.Glass doors are available with a matt surface and geometric or natural pattern.

Door leaf:8 mm tempered safety glass, conforming to RakMK F2 2001

Color:color options are opal (ie milk glass), clear and dark gray

Frame:painted smooth, standard color white, supplied with a frame plug

Slide mechanism:Bearing rollers that are hung on a slide rail and fixed to a door

Handle:The handle can be selected from the drop-down menu on the product page.Suitable for glass doors are Liune pullers: Lucky, Lexy (black or silver) and Lily.

Sizes: All Liune glass doors are available in sizes LiO7-LiO12, single or double leaf

The use of glass in interior doors gives more light to the home without compromising on safety or privacy.Glass also offers a wide range of decorative effects.

We recommend a retarder for the glass sliding door.It provides significantly greater comfort and safety by softening the door closure.You can order the retarder directly from our glass door product page in the right-sided pull-down menu.

A special Liune latch keeps the door closed and releases from the inside of the wall structure by lightly pressing.For glass doors, the Liune latch is located at the top of the door and is standard on all sliding door assemblies.

Where there is a risk of impact to the glass, such as intermediate doors. Impact-resistant safety glass is recommended.Liune glass door is tempered safety glass.

NOTE!Handle the glass door with care.

The glass door is tempered safety glass, which withstands heavy loads and shocks parallel to the plane of the glass when installed in the element.When installing a glass door, make sure that the edge of the glass does not touch the hard floor or wall surface.Never handle the glass door with carelessness.The edges are the point of the grille.If the glass or edge of the glass is exposed to a sharp impact, it will break into small fragments.

If the glass edge is cracked, the glass must not be used, as the risk of glass breakage is obvious during and after installation.Under the rules of the Finnish Flat Glass Association, the manufacturer or processor of the glass is not responsible for glass breakages occurring during or after the glass is installed.

Storage of the glass in the transport rack until installation.