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Kitchen - Liune door suits there too

More cupboads in kitchen walls with Liune. One Liune spares the floor space 1-1,5 square meters when you dont have to save the space to the turning door with hinges. The same amount of square meters is saved in the partition walls: you can use all the wall area. Accessibility instructions says that there must be certain amount maneuvering space in the kitchen floor.

A large kitchen area becomes calm with Liune double doors

A large kichen becomes easily a kitchenette with double doors. When the doors are closed the kitchen is all yours, and when you open the doors all the space is in everyones' use. The Liune door leaf that has embedded handles slides completely into the wall structure. If necessary, the door is never in the way, because it can be locked to its position inside the door structure. That means that there is no need to leave empty space in the adjacent rooms on either side of the doorway.