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Living room gets space with Liune

Get the extra space to living room with the Liune double doors with glass. It is easy to furnish the living room when the doors are integrated inside the walls. One Liune spares the floor space 1-1,5 square meters when you dont have to save the space to the turning door with hinges. The same amount of square meters is saved in the partition walls: you can use all the wall area. 

Versatile door collection and all the colors

There are over 20 door models in our collection. The range in colors is also wide: for example our most popular model LD3 (Magic) is available in all colors in the color map. For specially high living rooms we can offer door height to 2600mm. In the collection there are also many choises that fills the accessibility instructions. One example of this is automation. If you have a picture or photo to print on the door, that is also possible. Liune has also an unique Art collection made in collaboration with Johanna Oras.