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Studio and home office

The convertability of rooms, the sound insulation of interior door and the accessibility are a must in studio or home office. With Liune, a workspace can be devided in stylish way. Corner doors make it easy to separate even a small space, for example a home office, and by opening the doors the space becomes uniform.

A door with the theme - a stylish home office

Working in home or telecommuting has increased. If there is need to separate a workspace in home, and there is no extra room for that, Liune can help. If there is two square meters area in a room, it is possible to make there a small home office with Liune. 

Company logo, photo from holiday, your favourite color... Let your imagination fly and make your own Liune door. With Liune, you can get a color you want or you can design a unique print picture on the doorleaf. Or you can choose ready made models .You can get printed picture to the door either permanently or on removable plate.

The material requirement of the final printed picture is CMYK. Formats: jpg, tiff or eps. The picture has to be 1:1 in size 300 dpi to get the material printable.